Thursday, October 22, 2009

There is No Google AdSense Magic Package

You heard me right, There is no Google Adsense Magic Package! I know there are so many success stories of Google Adsense Publishers making waves online. The stories are quite interesting and tempting. Savvy online marketers are using such story to sell software and courses which they claim can reproduce such success stories overnight. Newbie Online Entrepreneurs are dreaming of becoming millionaires via Google AdSense publishing. They have heard the success story, they want their own share of the pie, but they want it now, not later.

Scammers are taking advantage of the ignorance of such newbies. This is one of the reigning SCAM in Africa. Too many African Entrepreneurs who are desirous of making money online are being swindled. The scammers offer digital products and services which they claim will bring the dream of the newbie entrepreneur into reality overnight. Who will not like to become a millionaire overnight? Unfortunately, it is all SCAM! Too many wannabe online entrepreneurs have parted with their hard-earned cash for such "GET RICH QUICK PACKAGES". Several months after buying such packages (which they expected to be a CASH COW that will keep generating income even when the owner is sleeping) they are yet to receive the first cheque from Google. They have been unable to generate $100 which is the minimal pay-out!

Now, many are asking "Is it really possible to earn 6digit income per annum from Google AdSense Publishing?" The answer is YES! But not via GET RICH OVERNIGHT MAGIC PACKAGES! Those instant solution packages are SCAM. If they work, nobody will sell them. Instead, the inventor will keep it as a secret. Ask around and see if you will get at least one person that have used such instant package and become a millionaire overnight.

So, what is the right thing to do? First we ask the successful Google Adsense Publisher how they got their success. We do not need to re-invent the wheel. We can learn from their experience thereby avoiding the mistakes they made. That will shorten the time period required to achieve success. One of such Successful AdSense Publisher that I will recommend is Lisa Irby. She produced a little ebook which spelt out the basic factors responsible for her success in Google AdSense Publishing (it is a good read for any beginner). Since the ebook is free and she gave permission for it to be re-distributed, I will be willing to send it to you via email upon request.

After reading that ebook, I will suggest you start a blog or website and open an account with Google as an AdSense Publisher. The earlier you start your own hands-on learning process, the better. You need skills and the earlier you start gathering experience the sooner your success story will come. There are many things to learn. There are great tools (some are free, some require payment) that will enhance your work and simplify difficult tasks. However, you still have a great role to play. None of those tools will take up your responsibility and make you a millionaire while you sleep. Wake up to reality. Nothing good comes cheap. If you are not ready to work, then forget about Google AdSense Income. It is not for lazy people.

Even though there is no Google AdSense Magic Package, you too can earn good income from Google AdSense publishing if you are willing to work consistently for success. Internet rewards patience. Wishing you success in your online ventures. Cheers

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