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CBclicks VS Google Adsense

The field which will be discussed in the after story is as widely discussed in diverse venues most exclusively on the internet. Yet despite the notability of the issue we enjoy that there is still a need for further sources that provide objective knowledge. So here it is, discover on.

Hundreds of net masters, affiliates and opportunity seekers are preferring clickbank-ad-sense-script ads over google adsense .

Google adsense is known by abounding and highly useful especially to webmasters and publishers.

Unlike google adsense program that pays per click, this program CBClicks pays you per every sale you make in over 11,000 clickbank products.

Some webmasters who have tried to run there clickbank based ads together with google adsense ads reports that clickbank based ads pays abundant times more that adsense from google.

In the meanwhile this successful Online Marketplace (a finished product can be promoted through Clickbank only if its available Online) has evolved to one of the most serious providers of Infoproducts. A huge number of Affiliates are actively using Clickbank(TM) as the high provisions paid (up to 90%) and the no concern online availabity of the products without the necessity to have inventories or physical deliveries.

If you don't have accurate details connected with , then you might make a bad decision on the topic. Don't let that happen: keep reading.

During the last years, several 3rd Party Products have presented promotion facilities for this Marketplace, using Marketplace like functionality (CBMall, 1stPromotion, CBPromotion).

CBClicks uses a complete at odds technique. The System was introduced in August 2004 and has experienced a rapid growth among the Internet Marketers Community. Several Blogs on the internet shows intensive discussions about the new Component.

The new provider offers an affecting combination between Viral Marketing and Pop-under like Promotion of Clickbank Products.

Since the Membership for using CBClicks is Free, a virtual "Tsunami" (term used in the promotion field provided by CBClicks) has been launched among marketers, as the straight forward use of the Software and the promising expected commissions available.

Basically the Promotion is performed acceptance uncomplicated steps:

1) A valid Clickbank Nickname (User) is needed. The user can register itself again directly by Clickbank

2) A membership by CBClicks can be obtained for free in:

3) Net designers with good Traffic can get Source Code for their websites in order to display CBClicks Ads. Two formats, Banner and Tower are available. It is expected likewise to enter characteristic Keywords in order to display only Clickbank(TM) Ads related with the leading Field of the Web-site

4) CBClicks provides a unusual link to be promoted. The more referrals are provided, the higher the position of the Ads displayed and thus, the higher the "Click-Thru" Rate.

The most engrossing affirmation of CBClicks consists in its innate Viral Nature. CBClicks

offers up to 6 referral levels. By default, the own Ads are displayed in the lowest position (i.e. within a Tower Ad, the own Ads would be displayed at the deepness).

By referring one new CBClick Affiliate, the own Ads move one position up, being displayed also by the referral?s promotion (i.e. a Web designer). The deeper the Downline, the higher the own Ads are being displayed. Furthermore the ads are being displayed among the complete downline.

One untroublesome numerical sampling provided by CBClicks shows the Viral Nature of the promotion:

Let's assume a given web designer has a traffic of 1000 Hits per day. So using CBClicks he would display his own ads 1000 times a day by position 6. Furthermore let's assume this webmaster would refer three webmasters with the same number of Hits per Day. So the Ads of Webmaster 1 would be displayed in Position 5 (one position up) 3 x 1000 times = 3000 impressions, plus the own 1000 impressions would result on 4000 impressions a day.

If every webmaster would refer 3 other webmasters, following 6 levels the Ad of the first Webmaster would be displayed 604.000 times a day.

I have tested the system myself, the sign-up rate was absorbing and the number of impressions is growing significantly. From my own statistics I could also ensure that the Click-through rate increases from level to level.

Further information can be obtained by the CBClick Web page :

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