Monday, September 21, 2009

Make $85.00 per day using The Great List of Paid to Post Programs

This is the list of paid to post programs available on the internet. You can use them and make huge income using your blog. Join them because they are all Free.

Signing up for paid to post services usually take 2 to 3 days to get approval. Before you sign up for paid to post services, make sure you have a blog that is 60 days old.

Joinning paid to post services will be your gateway to make money faster using your blog. Make money blogging will be a lot more easy and fun.

List of Paid to Posts Programs

  1. PayPerPost
  2. LinkWorth
  3. InBlogAds
  4. Smorty
  5. SocialSpark
  6. BuyblogReviews
  7. SponsoredReviews
  8. ReviewMe
  9. BlogToProfit
  10. Blogitive
  11. Blogvertise
  12. PayU2Blog
  13. LoudLaunch
  14. Money4Blog (Coming soon.)
  15. BloggingAds
  17. BlogDistributor

Above are 17 of paid to post services that you can make money easily.

There are 17 paid to post in the list above, if you can get 1 paid post from 17 sites and each post is $5.00.

You will be making $85.00 per day. It is quite easyt right? What if you get more task which are more expensive? You will be making even more money everyday.

Join some of them and you will be able to make a lot of money using your blog. You can always search using Google and Yahoo for othe rpaid to blog services.

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