Monday, September 21, 2009

How You Could Make $100.00 Daily From AdSense

How to Make $100.00 from Google AdSense Everyday

Making money from Google Adsense is the easiest way and most popular way to make money online. Thousands and millions of internet users are using AdSense to make money from their blog, from hubpages, from websites and so on.

Some of them are making huge profit using Google AdSense and get BIG monthly paycheck from Google every month. I have seen AdSense Publishers making HUGE income from Google AdSense every month and I have seen the biggest paycheck of Google AdSense: USD$132,994.97.

Are you curios and want to know how AdSense Publishers make USD$132,994.97 per month? Don't worry, you are at the right place and you are in your great status of being an AdSense Publisher. Every AdSense Publishers has the potential to make USD$132,994.97 every month, you need to be on the right track and on the right way to reach it.

I have some AdSense tips to share with you and I think it will be a great help to help you make more money from Google AdSense.

1. The Power of AdSense Ads Placement:

Placing Google AdSense Ads on your blog or webiste is an easy task but placing Google AdSense Ads at the correct position or we usually call it Heat Position will help you make money really fast from Google AdSense.

Please have a look at the AdSense Heatmap at the right. It is the palce where AdSense Ads gets the most clicks and make the most money. The place where I mark "Best" is the place to make a lot of money fron Google AdSense.

Place your AdSense Ads at the Heat position which is the "Best" position will eventually help you get tonnes and tonnes of clicks and of course, you will make tonnes and tonnes of money.

I have tried the "Best" placement and it is really working to help me make money really fast from Google AdSense.

In Hubpages, the AdSense placements are fixed and we can't make changes to it but I can say that the AdSense Ads placements placements are at the good place.

2. AdSense Contents Optimization:

Contents are the most important and vital part in order tom make money from Google AdSense. Creating unique and contents with high paying keywords can help you to make more money from Google AdSense.

For example:

You usually make $0.10 when people click on your AdSense Ads. If you can identify the high paying keywords of Google AdSense, you can make $10.00 per click.

So, try to find the best keywords that can help you double and triple your AdSense income.

List of high paying keywords:

  • Adverse credit remortgage: $31.10 per click
  • att call conference: $29.34 per click
  • angeles drug los rehab: $28.51 per click
  • att go: $28.32 per click
  • at t wireless: $27.11 per click
  • benchmark lending($40.36), domain yahoo($97.44), insurance medical temporary, hair removal washington dc, american single and so on.

The highest cost per click/payment per click always vary and you can check at: Google AdWords

So, start a blog, website or write articles that contains AdSense high paying keywords and you will be making money fast from Google AdSense.

3. The Secrets of AdSense eCPM:

What is eCPM:

eCPM is Effective Cost per 1000 Impressions or we can call it Effective Cost per thousand Impressions.

How to Calculate eCPM:

You can calculate the eCPM using the formula in the picture.

For Example: Now, you have $10.00 in your AdSense Account and you have total of 7000 impressions which make it 7 thousand impressions.

So, eCPM will be: $10.00/7= $1.43

Remember: Total Impressions is in thousands. If you have 10,000 impressions, then it will be 10 for the total impressions.

Altering the eCPM and Make More Money:

eCPM can be changed by testing different Ads format. You can try to observed the eCPM performance of different Ads format using "Custom Channels" in your AdSense Account. try out different Ads format and find the highest eCPM, stick to the Ads format that has highest eCPM.

Your potential to make more money from Google AdSense will increase.

4. Best AdSense Ads Format:

The best AdSense Ads format that helps AdSense Publishers make a lot of money is the large rectangle Ads format.

Personally, the best AdSense Ads format is large rectangle, red title, black description and black/blue/red URL. You can see the example in the picture.

5. Obey the AdSense Policies:

Your Google AdSense account is your goose that lays the Golden Eggs for you. Do not kill it or else you will not get any Golden Eggs in the future.

Some restrictions of Google AdSense:

  • Do not change the ads code.
  • Do not place pictures/photos next to the AdSense Ad to attract clicks.
  • Do not ask people to click the Ads.
  • Do not click your AdSense Ads youself.
  • and so on...

Obey the rules and you will be making more and more money from Google Adsense.

Last words from me:

I think that making $100.00 per day from Google AdSense is possible if you can get a lot of clicks per day. I have experience making $15.00 per day from Google AdSense and I don't even do anything.

Now, I do less and less but my AdSense income is coming in more and more. Google AdSense is a good passive income if you apply the correct techniques to make it possible.

If you are new in Google AdSense, try to make at least $100.00 per month, once you reach it, set your goal higher. Soon, you will be making money like crazy from Google AdSense.


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