Friday, September 18, 2009


99.9% Publishers of GOOGLE ADSENSE got their account blocked.
The only reason behind this is EAGERNESS. Everyone wants to earn money
quickly so most of the ADSENSE Publishers follow wrong way like click exchange
, AUTO clicker softwares and many other ways.
If you really want to earn some real money through GOOGLE ADSENSE then never
ask anyone to click on your ads and always focus to make good content about your blog.
Here are some tips to avoid account blockage.

Google will let almost anyone join their AdSense account. However, there are some basic missteps a webmaster can take along the way that will get them banned from the AdSense program. With the abundance of potential revenue available, you do not want to get banned. The list of violations is available at Google’s AdSense site, but here are some examples of actions not to do in order to keep your AdSense account in good standing. This is Part 2 of 2.
Do not mask ad elements. You can change different settings for your ads using Google’s online ad creation wizard. However, you cannot hide relevant components of your ads such as keywords or links in the ads. Also, it is against violation to block ads using images, pop ups or any other device.
Do not email your ads. This is also prohibited and would get your account blocked. Ads can only be clicked from your website.
Keep track of your content. AdSense can appear on almost any type of website, but there are some subjects that they will not appear on. These include pornography, violent or illegal sites. Refer to Google’s AdSense page for clarification. Chances are, if it’s questionable material, it’s a website that is prohibited.

Do not manipulate click or search results. You cannot alter the way in which the ad works, such as redirecting the click to a page it is not intended for. Google ensures its advertisers that ads will perform precisely the way in which advertisers want. Manipulating the results will quickly have your account withdrawn.
Avoid excessive advertising and keyword stuffing. This mailbox website tells mailbox customers how to use mailboxes properly when mailing packages in mailboxes. The obvious keyword here is “mailbox” but is overused. Such abuse of keyword density will get your account in AdSense blocked as well as potentially having your website blacklisted from Google’s search results.
Use a supported language. Google Adsense supports a multitude of languages, including but not limited to Chinese, Japanese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Italian. Make sure to use a language supported by the AdSense program.
Do not refer to Google ads as your alternate ads. AdSense allows an alternate URL to be used if their targeted ad cannot be displayed. But, AdSense does not allow AdSense ads to be the actual alternate ad.
Do not confuse ads with images. It was a common practice to increase CTR by placing images close to text ads, giving the impression the ad is associated with the image. This was once allowed but can now get your account banned. Do not purposefully confuse your visitors with images that could mislead your clickers.

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