Sunday, September 20, 2009

how to make $100 a day in adsense

10 Tips to Earn $10 per day with google adsense

If you follow my 10 steps then you will be able to earn big with google adsense

1. You will have to make account with google adsense.
2. You should have a website or blog on which you will publish google ad. You can make free blog on with your gmail id.
3. make 3 different gmail id and join google groups as much you can and post to these groups your blogs url
4. Make 5 different yahoo ids and join approximately 100 groups with every yahoo id and post your blog or website URL to all groups.
5. Submit your site to all search engines.
6. Sign up to flixya at you can earn $100 a day if you work at flixya about 3 hour every day on flixya you will have to submit your favorite photo, video, and write the blog .
7. Sign up for blogcatalog at and make discussion every day and join groups and make friend up to 4000.
8. Sign up for mybloglog at and join groups and make friends.
9. Sign up for technotity at .and ping your blog every time when you update it.
10. Do not see pornographic content on internet. After following these ten step you will be able to earn $100 a day with adsense
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