Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Can You Make Money With AdSense on Hubpages?

Can You Make Money With AdSense on Hubpages?
By Lis Sowerbutts

Yes you can. First though I should probably explain that is a free website where you an register and publish articles, called hubs. You can make money with AdSense, and some other affiliates, but this article is about making money with AdSense on HubPages. AdSense are the small "classified" ads you see all over the web - as a publisher you get paid every time someone clicks on those ads.

HubPages allows you to publish absolutely everything - but if you want to make money you will need to be a little bit clever, assuming you don't want to be excited about making $10 after six months that! There are three key elements to making money on HubPages: keyword selection, back links and content. Yes that's the order of importance too, so lets start with the most important first

Choosing The Right Keywords
If you chose the wrong keywords, or worse, none at all, you will, almost by definition fail. I have a hub that is popular and gets a good amount of search traffic. But the keyword is only worth 5c a click - on a good day! Lesson learned. You need to find a keyword which pays reasonably, I prefer a cost per click of at least $8 a click - remembering that I will only see maybe $2 of that. I also don't want to much competition - I check who is at the top of the search engine rankings - and if its too hard I move on. You also share revenue on HubPages - you will 60% of the page impressions so take that into account too.

Back links are Key
Once you have written your hub you will probably delighted to find it indexed in Google within a day or two. But that's not good enough - you still need to build anchored back links to your hub. Link from your blogs, from other hubs, from EzineArticles! Where ever you can find a do-follow place to drop your anchored link - do it!

Writing a Hub
You need to be writing original content for HubPages, duplicate content is just a waste of time as it rarely gets indexed. You need to have enough content - but not too much - I aim for between 600 and 1000 words. You need to be useful to your reader. You should include some pictures and maybe a video to make the hub interesting too.

I've been writing on Hubpages for more than two years. These days I am earning over $300/month from Adsense alone. Click on this link if want to learn more about how you could be making money on Hubpages. Specifically for AdSense I have come up with what I find to be the best arrangement of hubpage capsules to optimise your AdSense placement on HubPages

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