Wednesday, September 9, 2009

6 Adsense Secrets to Make $500 a Day in Google Cash

  1. Adsense Earnings Strategy

    Before embarking on your Adsense journey, give some thought as to your goals & how you want to achieve them.

    To illustrate the above, an Adsense publisher wanting to earn $100 a day in "Google cash" could set up 100 websites to earn $1 a day from each one or alternatively he could try & make $100 a day in Adsense revenue from just 1 website.

    Neither of the above scenarios are ideal & you should aim to have more than 1 site so that you don't have all your eggs in one basket & are subjected to all sort of fluctuations (search engines algorithm’s, market trends, etc).

    However, having too many sites leaves you with major maintenance, management and content issues so aim for somewhere in between.

  2. Topic - General or Niche

    You will need to decide on the topic of your website or blog - niche websites work better with adsense than general topics mainly because the ads that Google serves up are appropriately targeted to your topic & your site's traffic will also be targeted & more likely to click on your ads & generate Adsense money for you.

    Furthermore deciding on a certain niche for your site, in which you are an authority, will allow you to create content that adds to your expert status on the subject.

    It's also very important to ensure that your niche is one for which there is a certain amount of interest, eg. photography & not something for which there will be no advertisers & therefore no opportunity to make any money from Adsense.

    Remember that generally speaking the more popular the niche the higher paying the keywords will be & the more the savvy Adsense publisher will earn per click.

  3. Adsense Ad Placement

    While certain locations tend to be more successful than others, Google's "heat map" below illustrates the ideal placing on a sample page layout.

    Google Adsense ads

    The best performing ad placements are in dark orange fading to light yellow representing the weakest performing areas.

    Generally ads located above the fold tend to perform better than those below the fold and ads placed near rich content and navigational aids usually do well because users are focused on those areas of a page.

  4. Best Performing Adsense Ads

    The following is a list that is generally accepted as of the highest performing ad sizes...

    • 336×280 large rectangle
    • 300×250 inline rectangle
    • 160×600 wide skyscraper

    Whilst the above size ads may not always be suitable for your website or blog it is worth noting that these are the ones that out perform other Adsense ad sizes.

  5. Another Tip to Improve Your Ads' CTR

    Another Adsense trick that usually increases a site's CTR (Click Through Rate) is by blending your adsense ads into your site's content - you need to ensure that the Adsense ad does not actually look like an ad - allowing ads to look like ads will seriously dent your chances of making decent Adsense money.

    The Google Adsense program provides a color pallette which allows you to change border colors & shapes as well as backgrounds, text & url colors.

    You can therefore blend the ad in terms of its shape, size & color to blend in with the colors of your site's text & background.

    A worthwhile tip is to change all of your page hyperlinks to a high contrast color, like a bold blue for example, and then change the adsense title to the same color.

    Be sure to keep abreast with Google's Adsense policies as one of Google's latest policies state that Adsense publishers should not "format site content so that it is difficult to distinguish it from ads", which puts the blending issue into question.

    So if you are unsure of anything just visit Google AdSense Program Policies »

    Or Google's Webmaster Guidelines »

  6. Adsense Ad Maintenance

    It's a good idea to use include files for all your Adsense ad code.

    The benefit of this is that if you need to change an ad for whatever reason, all you need to do is update the code in the include/php file & then upload it to your server - the ad will then be updated site wide, ie. wherever it exists on your site - this is far easier than changing each ad on each page of your website.

So while making money with Adsense's set and forget, auto pilot type of arrangement is relatively easy, you aren't going to make anywhere near what you can from it unless you tap into the best Adsense brains in the business.

One of the biggest mistakes Adsense publishers make is not knowing the best strategies to employ to explode your Adsense earnings no matter what traffic your site is getting...

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