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Sure Ways to Increase Google AdSense Earnings

Having AdSense on your blog can generate a nice chunk of change if you do it the right way. There are a few main guidelines to stick to when it comes to your ad placements and if you follow them, you will have a better chance of seeing some clicks. Now before I talk about the tips, I want to say that AdSense earnings do not just come to you in a week, or sometimes even a month or two. It does take time for your website to generate traffic, so do not lose hope when you aren't making a lot or even a small amount right away. Be patient and continue to work hard on your blog.

Now onto the tips to increase your AdSense earnings.

Where To Place Your Ads

This step is one of the most important keys to a successful AdSense income because if the placements are horrible, then you will not get any clicks. There are a few popular choices when it comes to placing your ad on a blog. Let's go through them.

-"Above The Fold"

You will see this little saying everywhere you go if you are trying to learn about AdSense. What does it mean and how does it relate to AdSense? If you go to a blog or website and do not scroll down at all, everything you see on the page is above the fold. Think of it as the top part of your blog or website. It is important to AdSense because when a visitor stops by your blog, the first things they see are all above the fold. This means you want to direct their attention right away, and by placing ads above the fold you will be doing so. That is why you see a leaderboard ad in the header of most sites who use AdSense.

-In A Blog Post

Placing an ad directly into each post you create is very useful since that is where your visitors will go the most. The most popular locations are before the content or wrapped into the post text. Each will make sure that your ad is seen right away by the reader and will blend in with the content. It is said that more readers will click an ad if it is shown on the left instead of the right. Wrapping your text around the ad, makes it blend in well so it looks like it belongs in your post. Make sure the colors match your layout.

-In The Header

Placing an ad into your header of the site is good because it attracts the reader's eye right away. The very top portion of your blog is where you want to display the header ad.


The sidebar is a great location but is not as effective as a post ad. Still if you have the extra space and an available AdSense ad to be displayed, then placing one into your sidebar is helpful. As said before, readers will usually click ads on the left side of the site so a right side ad may not give great results but it will still help to create some extra earnings.

-Between Blog Posts

Inserting an ad after every 1 or 3 posts on your main page or archive pages will give you great results. Play around with your placements, start with after your 1st post and see how it works. If the results are bad, then place an ad after the 3rd post. Trial and error is your friend.

-Menu Placement

The last spot I would recommend is placing a text link ad under your menu or navigation bar. It really depends on the layout of your blog to know if this is a good thing to do. Try it out and if it looks right, then go with it for a month to see if you get any clicks. If you find it didn't help at all, then remove it and just concentrate on your main content ads.

Choosing The Size & Colors

One of the most important steps in AdSense earning, is to choose the right size and colors. You do not want your ads to be unnoticeable by visitors because they are too small or cannot be seen. You also do not want your ads to be too intrusive or blind your visitors with bright colors.

-Size Of Ad

The size of your ad is very important because you want it to be noticeable but not in the way of your content. The most effective block sizes are the (336×280 Large Block), which is used mostly for posts, sidebars, or in between posts. The other effective block size is the (728×90 Leaderboard), which is used for the header ad placement. These two are the most commonly used sizes throughout the blogging community and they do increase earnings. You can also try a (160×600 Wide Skyscraper) in your sidebar if the large block one isn't doing it for you. Once again, trial and error, keep testing different positions and sizes.

-Color Choices

Blending your ads is a great way to make them look like they belong with your layout and so they don't scream "Click ME! I'm an ad!". Try to match the text of the ad with the same text colors you use on your blog. If you do not use text ads, then you will not have to worry. So if you have a blog with a white background, black titles, and blue links, then use the same for your ad layout.


Your AdSense advertisements are based on keywords found in your posts and pages. By having good keywords that earn a lot per click, you are increasing your chances for a better payout. So if you do some research on Google for top paying keywords, then you should get an idea of what pays the most. Some blogs do not make much per click from their ads, simply because their blog topic isn't a high paying category. But by writing posts that include high paying keywords, you can change that a little. I found an article here that shows some high paying keywords, to give you an idea.

Competitive Ad Filter

If you login to your AdSense account, go to AdSense Setup, and then Competitive Ad Filter, you will see some great options that will help you earn more. Using this filter is helpful because you can block certain sites from being displayed on your website. So you can block ads that do not relate to your blog, block ads that do not pay much, or filter out other sites of your choice. By doing this you will help deliver targeted ads with higher pay per clicks. If you search on Google for competitive ad filter lists, you will find some prebuilt lists that you just have to copy and paste into your AdSense. Quick and easy.

By following these tips that I have given above, you will definitely have an advantage when it comes to earning money with Google AdSense. Just keep testing and have a lot of patience because it will all pay off in the end. Please share this post if you find it helpful and be sure to subscribe to TechSlip!


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