Thursday, October 22, 2009

How I Got More Clicks With Google Adsense

I run a norwegian site called The main focus on the site is to manage all my favourite links in one place and give the visitors my best site tips on the Net.

The second focus on this site is to get visitors from search enignes into the site for a certain topic and lead them to nice sites.

How to get money for running this site?

I tried many ways to get money, but found google Adsense to be easiest way.

What I did wrong when placing the ads

My first mistake was to place the ads away from the content. About 2% of all visitors clicked on the google ads, but I wanted more.

This is what I did:

1. I made a Custom palette with my site's own colors. Background-color, text-color and link-color. This made the ads more blended into the site.

2. I moved the ads from the right section of site to the middle. Firstly at the top of the page, secondly I places them inline of the articles leading text and the main text.

3. Waited...

4. Got the site's click-rates up to 10-15 %.

This means that 10-15% of all visitors clicks an ad. The only problem on this norwegian sites is that the ads itself vary on relevant quality. Norway is a small market, You may do better of on a international site with more relevant ads. Good luck!

About The Author

Øystein Iversen in running a website development company in Norway called Essence Internett ( This articles is mainly about a norwegian site called (


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