Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So How Can You Make $10,000 a Month From Adsense?

Well here a just 2 easy ways to do it;

  1. Put up 1,000 sites that each make $10 a month

  2. or...

  3. Put up 1 site that makes $10,000 a month
Seriously though you would need more than just 1 website but certainly not as many as 1,000 - that would just be too difficult to manage & maintain.

5 Factors That Will Influence Your Adsense Revenue

  1. Topic & Number of Sites

    Start with a few which have fairly popular topics such as photography or web design where you can be assured of enough demand & advertisers for Google to serve up Adsense ads on your sites.

    A topic for which there is little or no demand will not have enough advertisers for Google to provide your site with Adsense ads.

  2. Earnings Per Click

    The higher your Adsense earnings per ad click the less clicks you will require to reach your revenue target.

    Therefore ensure that your content is rich with high paying keywords so that you get Adsense ads that will produce higher earnings per click - sometimes just 1 click can generate as much as $5.00 whereas many clicks will only make $0.01c.

  3. CTR (Click Through Rate)

    The higher your CTR the higher your earnings for a particular number of site visitors.

  4. Website Traffic

    All other things being equal, more traffic will generate more revenue.

  5. Relevant Ads

    If the ads Google serves up are not relevant to your site's content your site visitors will be unlikely to click on them as they won't be to do with what attracted them to your site.
To sum up, the amount of money you make from Adsense = CTR + Traffic Volume + Ads with High Paying Keywords + Relevant Ads

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