Monday, September 21, 2009

Making $300 A Day With Google Adsense

As you read this title you might be thinking is it really possible to make such money with google adsense? well yes actually more than that is possible, many people only dream of such results, but I know people who make more than that daily I'm talking into the $500 a day mark just from adsense, although I have not reached such results yet, because I make my money around affiliate marketing I do feed my adsense income stream in various ways to increase adsense earnings residually.

But here are some bad news YOU WILL NOT REACH $300 A DAY WITH ADSENSE IN HUBPAGES Im sorry if I crush your hopes but its the truth if you really want to put all your efforts into the google adsense program to make such money you can do it, I will not give you tips to improve anything I will give exactly the tools you need to create such results.


Remember if you plan on making adsense your biggest income stream you need to put time and effort into making it work to be able to see results.


Hubpages is one of the best article sites to write and make money with adsense but in order to do so you will need high quality and content hubs with a lot of traffic, I found a way to monetize hubpages to the max in a method I created it here HOW TO MAKE $100 A DAY WITH HUBPAGES

But you must also learn how to send and double the traffic to your hubs using hubpages itself you can learn how to do this by reading HOW TO DOUBLE TRAFFIC TO YOUR HUBS always remember that traffic plus quality and content will get you great results in hubpages.


As we know we cant spent 24 hours a day writting for hubpages, but there are other ways to make it easier with adsense for example I use a site called which is a adsense revenue sharing site that gives you 100% of your clicks to you by simply posting and uploading videos or photos or making blogs,if you pick the right revenue sharing sites and spent 15 minutes on each of them your earnings will drastically increase, be part of as many as you can but that it doesnt take much time to work.

Here is a list of the most popular ADSENSE REVENUE SHARING WEBSITES pick the ones right for you and start using them 15 minutes on each a day.


Social sites are a huge thing now, so we have to find ways to monetize this, social sites like twitter and facebook are great for making money with adsense using a simple method I created it, the method is called BRIDGE SYSTEM, for the bridge system you will need a account and you will need to know the simple layout and use of the blogs you will create, the idea is to have hundreds of blogs, not just one blog, to learn the details of how I been using the bridge system with twitter and how it works go to SECRETS TO MAKE MONEY WITH TWITTER remember all this techniques can be use with any social network not just twitter.


Having your own website is one of the oldest ways people make money with adsense, but some people think is too complicated, well I use a site called which is free to use where you can create free sites, add your adsense publisher ID and simply drag and drop you ads wherever you want on your site, the best part is that is free and a great tool to make adsense websites, here is an example WWW.FREEDOWNLOADS4U.TK is easy to use and very effective with adsense.


In order to archieve such goal you must combine all the steps and work on this at least 3 hours a day dedication pays, and you will see results if you use all the techniques above, hubpages alone will not get you the money you want.

There is no such thing as a quick way of making thousands with adsense is all hard work, you will need some tools, for step 1 for hubpages it is recommended to read GOOGLE TRENDS SECRET GOLDMINE

Also one of the best e-books I can recommend to learn everything from adsense that I read and it help me understand how to really earn from adsense is called ADSENSE PROFITS EXPOSED not only is great information, but it will give you a new look on what the adsense program is.

Remember make a schedule of about 3 hours with all the task involving adsense you will do daily, dont see it as work but as a hobby, once you start seeing results you will get motivated and put your own twist and methods on to it, like I did.

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